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Interior Decorating

We offer a full range of services such as all preparation work, emulsion, wallpaper, woodwork and more.

​The past few years have seen an increase in customers wanting to add features walls to rooms in their homes. We think this is a fantastic way to get the potential out of a room, and it can really transform your living space.

​However, this isn't for everyone, and sometimes a splash of colour on the walls is all your home needs to have it looking brand new. The key to this is the preparation work, which we ensure is set to a high standard.

Another interior service we offer is repair work. This can be anything from a slight crack in a wall, to a damp patch on a ceiling.


Exterior Decorating

Looking after the outside of your home or building is just as important as looking after the inside. We also offer an extensive range of exterior decorating, from a garden fence to a complete makeover to the outside of any building. We cover all exteriors, such as masonry, render and brickwork, and also windows, doors, cladding, soffit and fascia boards and drain pipes.


Upcycling Furniture

Sometimes restoring your old furniture by giving it a new lease of life is all that's needed instead of replacing it altogether. If you have recently had decorating work done and the colour scheme has changed, this doesn't necessarily mean that your furniture can't match also. Whether it's refreshing some kitchen cupboards, or painting an old chest of drawers, we can provide the service that you need.